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ModelNatalya94 - Four girls shit into each others mouths [DVDRip]

ModelNatalya94 - Four girls shit into each others mouths [DVDRip]

We four friends Olga Yana Carolina and Alice decided to arrange for you a dirty show in which we will take turns to caress each other’s Asses and shit each other’s mouths. We undressed and four naked girls sat down on the bed first we kiss after that Jan lies on his back and Olga climbs on top of her, just Carolina lies on his back and Alice sits on top of her. And the girls began to caress the ass, they so sweetly caress the anus with their tongues. Oh yeah, four naked girls is just fine, it’s cool, four Asses ready to fuck, girls caress ass and then take turns first, Olga fills the mouth with shit Yana, and Yana this time caressing ass Olga reed, Yana has a mouth full of shit behind Olga Carolina mouth fills with shit Alice, the girls didn’t stop and continued to caress the dirty Asses of their girlfriends. After the first party, the girls change places and now Olga lies on her back caresses the anus of Yana, and Alice caresses the anus of Carolina, the girls are delicately carefully caressing each other’s Asses. After caresses, the first fills Olga Jan’s mouth with shit, Olga has a mouth full of shit but Olga continues to caress Yana’s ass, next to Yana, Alice shits Carolina in her mouth is just super watch as the girls first caress each other’s Asses, and after the caresses shit in her mouth, and again continue to caress already dirty Asses.

Cast: ModelNatalya94
Genre of video: Scat, Amateur, Lesbian
Duration: 00:14:04

Quality: DVDRip
Resolution: AVC, 1920x1080, 25.000 Fps, 13.3 Mb/s
Format: mp4
Size: 1.32 GB

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Category:Scat Movies
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