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ModelNatalya94 - Four girls lesbian show in panties [DVDRip]

ModelNatalya94 - Four girls lesbian show in panties [DVDRip]

We four friends Caroline, Alice, Yana and Olga. We decided to diversify a little the lesbian games. I have asked my girlfriends to put on a show for dirty panties. First video we pose for you, show you our ass in panties, after demonstrating the first one of us got cancer on his knees in Alice, we first removed her panties and began to caress her holes with their fingers and tongues, after a little foreplay we put it back to Alice panties for the ass, and Alice filled her panties with shit and urine, at the time when Alice filled her panties with shit, Olga and I smelled the ass of Alice. After that, we took off Alice’s panties and showed you her dirty ass and panties full of shit after the demonstration, we put the panties back on Alice’s ass, now it’s Carolina’s turn, Carolina got cancer and we also took off Carolina’s panties and also caress her ass, after we caress we put the panties back on her ass and Carolina filled her panties with shit and piss we took Carolina panties to show you dirty ass Carolina and panties full of shit, from the Carolina, after the demonstration, we again wore panties Carolina on my ass, now got cancer on my knees and Olga, too, we first removed the panties from Olga and caressed the ass of Olga, and then we put back on panties ass of Olga and Olga filled her panties with shit and urine, after Olga went to the toilet in panties we took of Olga panties and showed you her dirty ass and panties, after the demonstration we put panties back on Olga’s ass, well, it was my turn, now I’m a cancer and my friend took off my panties and Alice caresses my ass with her tongue, after fondling my anus, girls panties put me back on my ass and I started to shit and piss in my panties , and my girlfriend enjoy watching as the shit fills my panties after I went to the panty to the bathroom, my friend removed my panties and show you my dirty ass and full of shit panties. Here is such show staged a four girlfriends!

Cast: ModelNatalya94
Genre of video: Lesbian, Amateurs, Scat, Shitting Ass, Young Girls
Duration: 00:15:07

Quality: DVDRip
Resolution: AVC, 1920x1080, 25.000 Fps, 13.3 Mb/s
Format: mp4
Size: 1.43 GB

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